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Pedalboard build log

Here’s a log of a pedalboard I built. I wanted to upgrade due to lacking space on my old Pedaltrain Metro, seen below, that could barely fit half of my pedals. Not to mention I wanted some funky features as well.

This is the initial drawing I made. The aim was about 1m × 0.5m with rack mounting in the back for a patch panel, DI, and drawer. In the end I opted not to pick up a DI since I don’t have an interface to make use of it yet either way.

After picking up material, I adjusted the drawing to those dimensions. The large bottom parts are birch while the rest is pine. I’d have loved to use oak but it’s rather expensive in comparison and I was going to put on a nice finish anyway.

Spent a lot of time cutting and milling with a table router. I didn’t take many pictures at this point. I unfortunately made a couple of mistakes: I counted the birch pieces as being 15mm thick, though they were actually 18mm. I also cut the planks a little bit short. This would be a problem for the rack mounting as I probably lost almost a centimeter of width. My solution to this was to mill about 2mm into the birch pieces where the rack rails would go. This got me a total of 8mm back and turned out to be just enough in the end. It also looked a bit better, as the rails are now flush with the rest of the pieces. Though it’s hardly visible since it’s on the bottom and the back of the board.

d say it saved me a lot of money but I mean if I wanted to save money I