Area nerd rants about keyboards


A list of features the game should have, in no specific order:

  • Optional steam integration w/ trade, joining, et cetera.
  • Built in voice chat
  • Fully open source, including underlying technology. The trickiest of these being game engine. One contender is Godot, but it might not be mature enough.
  • Running on Vulkan (or OpenGL) for easy porting
  • Binaries distributed in AppImage format for Linux.
  • Official town square servers for SK nostalgia
  • No purchased lootboxes or other gambling bullshit
  • No RNG
  • No cooldowns
  • Models are solid objects so that they can be 3d printed!
  • Supports arbitrary refresh rates, resolutions (requires a well scaling UI), and aspect ratios (requires a fog of war).
  • Servers, too, support arbitrary refresh rates. 60Hz is a minimum for official servers, but 120Hz should be the target.